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Download Series : Doctor Stranger - Episode 17 Imetafsiriwa Kwa Kiswahili { Official Series }


Not a moment too soon, Hoon arrives at the operating theater and takes the lead on the pre-final-finale-sort-of-last surgery. It’s actually amusing how one viewer (since everyone’s busy watching instead of doing their jobs) asks, “Where was he until now?” Your guess is as good as mine.
Everyone sits up a little straighter in their seats as Hoon repairs the critical tear, and Chairman Oh calls in and orders Doctor Yang to make sure that Hoon loses this round by any means. Weren’t… you worried about a table death not just five minutes ago?

 Ndugu mteja wetu Pata series zenye kibali. hapa G4d Real Epuka Matapeli Wanaocopy.

Kwa Wale Mabingwa Wa Kucopy Waendelee tu Maana Tumewaandalia Dawa Yao, Wanafanya kinyume Na ruhusa na kibali. hivyo wajiandae. Au Wawasiliane nasi kwa Usalama wao.
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