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Download Series : Doctor Stranger - Episode 9 Imetafsiriwa Kwa Kiswahili { Official Series }

 Upon hearing that Seung-hee’s about to be killed, Hoon walks out of the scrub room. It’s Soo-hyun who wrestles him back inside, however, forcing him to look at the tiny infant on the table—nothing could be more important than saving that fragile life right now.
We cut away to the other life on the line, where Agent Cha asks the burning question on all our minds: Why the sudden change of heart to choose Jae-joon as the operating surgeon instead? The only answer we get is that Seung-hee ignored her new orders to join Jae-joon’s team by sticking with the original plan and joined Hoon’s. Why she has to join any surgical team is anyone’s guess, really.
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