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Download Series : Doctor Stranger - Episode 19 Imetafsiriwa Kwa Kiswahili { Official Series }


After watching Chairman Oh keel over in front of him, Jae-joon tops off his revenge cake by crushing the old man’s glasses with his shoe. By the time Soo-hyun bursts in, there are tiny cracks in Jae-joon’s once-stony expression, and as her father is taken away, she vows that she won’t ever forgive him.
Alone, Jae-joon teeters and appears to be on the verge of tears, as if ashamed by his own words and behavior. Have the glasses disappeared, too? Does anything even matter in this show anymore? Why am I even asking these questions?

 Ndugu mteja wetu Pata series zenye kibali. hapa G4dtz_Real Epuka Matapeli Wanaocopy.

Kwa Wale Mabingwa Wa Kucopy Waendelee tu Maana Tumewaandalia Dawa Yao, Wanafanya kinyume Na ruhusa na kibali. hivyo wajiandae. Au Wawasiliane nasi kwa Usalama wao.
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